Corporate Design & Special Events

Corporate and Industrial Design work is often constrained by privacy and copyright rules, as often the client wishes to keep the information proprietary. Thusly there are few photographs of the projects I have been involved with. Below is a list of some of the companies whom I have worked with, helping them communicate their message, promote their product, and motivate their employees.

Coca-Cola Company, Press Event Plaza Hotel, New York City    ( EL-J Productions, Inc)

CBS, Inc 2006 Press Event Hilton Hotel, New York City   (Production Resources)

The International Radio & Television Awards 2000 for CBS, Inc         Waldorf Astoria

The MTV / Urban League Awards 2000         The Sheraton Hotel, NYC

1999 Shelter Insurance Awards Show New York Hilton            (PGI, Inc)

1999 Saturn Homecoming Celebration For Time Warner Corporation  Springhill, Tenn.

Walt Disney World Corportaion – The Animal Kingdom (Theatre In The Wild) Orlando,FL

“Journey Into Jungle Book” opening show at new theme park.”

The Cartoon Network 1998-99 Up Front Event The Manhattan Center, New York     (Mavrick Comm)

USA Network Up Front Event 1998   Lincoln Center, New York    (Broad Street Prod.,Inc)

Unisys 1996 – Hudson Theatre, New York       (Larry Miller Productions)

Digital 1994 Server Launch  – Hudson Theatre           (Santeler Marketing Group)

Digital Hi-Note Launch 1994 – Puck Building NYC

Apple Computer Color Print Systems Launch 1995 – Hudson Theatre

PC Expo “Power PC” Show 1995 – Javits Center

Ciba Geigy Estraderm Launch 1992                         (Peter Bengstrom Company)

American Express TMS Sales Meeting 1992              (Jack Morton Productions)

Loreal Sales Meeting 1992

Price Waterhouse Partners Meeting 1992

Reccitt & Coleman Campaign 92

Boston University Welcome Center  2002

United Nations UNEFEM Noel Foundation Awards 1991               The United Nations

IBM Complementary Classic                          ( Michael McCurdy  / Meritz Communications)

Yves Saint Laurent                 (Michael McCurdy / Drury Design Dynamics)

Ramada Inn 1990

Calvin Klein Cosmetics 1992

Miller Brewing Company Lite Ultra Launch 1991

Segrams Meeting 1991             (Michael McCurdy / Roger Wade Productions)

1993 UNMO MOTO Awards – NY Public Library            (Michael McCurdy Associates)

Oracle V7 Meeting 1992 (Corporate TV) –  Hudson Theatre                (Breeze Productions)

Oracle Meeting 1993 – Hudson Theatre

Avon Awards 1991, 1992, 1993             (Mia Grau Productions)

Merrill Lynch 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

Whitehall Labs 1992                      (Drury Design Dynamics)

Sun Company / Sunoco 1994

A.O. Williams, Inc.                  (Staging Connections, Inc.)

UNUM Company

Chevrolet 1984, 1985, 1986                     (Sandy Corporation)

VW of America 1984                                   (Haith Kerbowy Company)

The Milliken Company 1979, 1980, 1981           (Michael Brown Ltd / Milliken Company)