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The arcane and extraordinary art of lighting design has fascinated me my entire life. Even after thirty years of design, I continue to marvel at the power of light and how it effects our thoughts, our feelings and our perceptions of our surroundings. Most importantly, it controls how we feel about what we see, both onstage and in our everyday lives. In a building, it defines the space and how we relate to it; in a special event, it communicates a message; and in the theatre, it allows the actors a visceral connection to their audience as they bring a play to life.

An art form grounded in the technical realities of physics and the human eye, lighting design has always been a profession requiring a multi-diciplinary background. I started my career as a theatre designer, but those working professionally soon learn that that is only part of the journey, and a beginning one at that. The physics of light does not change, so the skills learned in lighting Shakespeare apply as well to selecting the color temperatures of a new residence, designing a new restaurant or lighting an art gallery.

Lighting Design is above all a collaboration, both with other creative artists in the theatre but also with architects and interior designers who have a vision for which light is a critical part. I greatly enjoy being part of that process and I look forward to new challenges and projects in our rapidly advancing and technically challenging field.

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